• Precision Ocular Processing

    Learn more about our new touchless technique to prepare corneas for DMEK and other available ocular processing services..

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  • Honoring the Gift

    From selfless donors and their families to transplant recipients, it is our mission to honor the gift each and every day.

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  • Supporting Our Local Communities

    TBI is proud to join our partners and support local communities in honoring the gift of eye and tissue donation each and every day!

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  • VisionGraft: The Clear Choice

    VisionGraft is TBI’s exclusive sterile cornea allograft for use in cornea and glaucoma applications. It is clear, sterile, ready to use, and easy to handle.

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Restoring Health and Hope Through Transplantation

TBI/Tissue Banks International is a non-profit network of medical eye and tissue banks dedicated to improving lives through tissue transplantation and innovation. More than 150,000 patients are treated with TBI tissue annually.

Each person who chooses to become an eye and tissue donor can help more than a dozen people through their gift. Sight can be restored with a cornea, mobility enabled with a ligament, pain eased with a spinal implant made of bone, burns treated with skin, and lives saved with heart valves.

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