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    We're excited to announce that TBI's core mission has shifted to promoting ocular health around the globe.

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Reversing Corneal Blindness Globally Through Transplantation

TBI/Tissue Banks International is now

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TBI is a proud leader of the vision restoration community. We are a non-profit network of ocular centers committed to broadening the availability of high-quality corneal tissue and fulfilling our mission of reversing corneal blindness globally through transplantation.

We aim to improve lives through corneal transplantation and innovation, with a focus on enhancing surgical outcomes and patient success stories. Each person who chooses to become an eye donor can help restore sight to two people through his or her gift. More than 250,000 patients have received sight through TBI tissue since 1962.

Explore our tradition of quality and innovation in ocular services.

Restoring Health and Hope Through Transplantation