Ocular Services

Tissue Banks International has been honoring the gift of eye and tissue donation for over 50 years.

With experienced technicians and ocular centers across the U.S., we are able to help over 15,000 people each year through the generosity of over 5,000 eye donors. Our stewardship of these gifts – from donor to recipient – is the core of our mission.

Our national network gives surgeons access to a large volume of safe, high-quality ocular tissue for transplant or research. All TBI services are committed to the principles of safety, quality, consistency, and innovation.


TBI uses cutting-edge technologies to prepare tissue for transplant, and all tissue preparation at our ocular centers takes place in a clean room environment. Our commitment to quality is evident in all aspects of recovery, processing, and distribution.


You’ll know what to expect when you order tissue from TBI, as all of our ocular centers prepare tissue for transplant using the same precise, standardized methods.


TBI continues to look for scientifically based methods to improve tissue quality and patient outcomes. Our highly trained Research & Development team continually evaluates our diverse ocular services and designs new, innovative methods for tissue preparation.


All TBI ocular tissue undergoes rigorous testing before being released for transplant. And TBI meets all industry benchmarks for quality assurance testing as a member of the Eye Bank Association of America.