Alejandro Ortiz

Cornea Recipient
Alejandro Ortiz

“Alejandro was a sweet and precious baby, but from the beginning we knew something was odd. His eyes seemed to be a blue color and we don’t have anyone in our family that has blue colored eyes. As a baby, he would cry loudly if he was taken out into bright sunlight. After several doctor’s visits in pre-kindergarten we learned what was wrong. He had been born with CHED disease.

It was only a year after he was diagnosed, that we learned that he was quickly going blind and that a transplant was the only option. At the age of 7, his world changed when he received the gift of sight, a cornea transplant in his left eye.  He has gone from having 20/100 to 20/60 vision. Our family will be forever grateful for the family that donated the cornea our little boy received. Thanks to their gift he now has the opportunity to see the world and all its beauty.” As told by Priscilla, Alejandro’s mother.

Since 1962, we at TBI have provided more than 250,000 ocular tissue donations for transplant around the world. As a full-service ocular service system, we are intimately involved in all aspects of the donor-recipient loop and proud of our ongoing engagement with donor families and recipients.

By sharing the stories of transplant recipients, we celebrate the lives that are changed every day through the generosity of donor families and shine a light on the continued need for tissue donation.

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