Dan Jess

Cornea Transplant Recipient
Dan Jess

When he was in the eighth grade, Dan Jess developed advanced keratoconus, which caused him to lose almost all vision in his right eye and most vision in his left eye.

“I always loved sports, but I was becoming very physically unhealthy and was living a less-than-fulfilling lifestyle,” Dan said of his life at that time.

Eventually, Dan was able to receive the corneal transplant surgery he needed to regain his sight. Now is his able to live an energetic life with his wife and daughters. He is a marathon runner, and has even raced times that are ranked near the elite level.
“From that one single person’s gift of a precious cornea, I learned of a network of givers behind the scenes who dedicate themselves to providing what I so desperately needed,” Dan said.

Since 1962, we at TBI have provided more than 250,000 ocular tissue donations for transplant around the world. As a full-service ocular service system, we are intimately involved in all aspects of the donor-recipient loop and proud of our ongoing engagement with donor families and recipients.

By sharing the stories of transplant recipients, we celebrate the lives that are changed every day through the generosity of donor families and shine a light on the continued need for tissue donation.

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