Sandra Priscilla Crespo

Ocular Tissue Donor

Sandra Priscilla Crespo was beautiful, funny, and caring. Her infectious smile immediately lit up every room she entered. She loved her family and was best known for her sense of humor and being a child at heart..

In 2009, at the age of 29, Sandy was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. In June 2010 she received the transplant she needed, but she continued to face many health issues. Her vision deteriorated and she struggled to recognize faces. She passed away in January 2013.

Immediately after returning from the hospital, the broken-hearted family received a call from Tissue Banks International advising them that Sandy's corneas could be donated. "We were shocked to learn the reason she couldn't see anything prior to her passing was due to complications with her liver. Her eyes were actually in good condition," Cynthia said.

Now life had come full circle, and it was Sandy's turn to be a blessing to another family, the same way her family was blessed just two years before.

Since 1962, we at TBI have provided more than 250,000 ocular tissue donations for transplant around the world. As a full-service ocular service system, we are intimately involved in all aspects of the donor-recipient loop and proud of our ongoing engagement with donor families and recipients.

By sharing the stories of transplant recipients, we celebrate the lives that are changed every day through the generosity of donor families and shine a light on the continued need for tissue donation.

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